Veterinary Diagnostics:

VPG makes in-practice, high-resolution cytology a reality for Vets across the UK and Ireland

June 2020

SYNLAB’s Veterinary Pathology Group (VPG) is the first and only network of veterinary laboratories in the UK to offer ScopioVet – an innovative digital platform for faster,  in-practice cytology processing using high-resolution slide imaging. 

The first ScopioVet scanners are already installed in top referral practices and are now available to the full spectrum of veterinary practices across the UK and Ireland.  Access to this digital solution enables vets to scan and send digital cytology and haematology images direct from the point of care to a global network of VPG and VPG-endorsed clinical pathologists. 

Offering 24/7 access to clinical interpretation of slide samples with turnaround of results in just one hour, VPG’s exclusive rights to implement ScopioVet in the UK signals a game changer for veterinary practice: providing reassurance to clients and informing treatment options through rapid access to quality diagnostics.

The ScopioVet high-resolution scanner uses computational photography that has been fully approved for cytologic diagnosis by VPG pathologists as part of a robust clinical validation process.

We have been evaluating digital cytology platforms for some time and are delighted to have the exclusive distribution rights for ScopioVet – bringing cutting-edge digital cytology to the UK.  This constitutes a paradigm shift for veterinary diagnostics and further enhances the expertise and diagnostic performance we can offer our customers.

Andrew Torrance, Managing Director at VPG

Benefits of using ScopioVet high-resolution, digital cytology include:

  • Significant improvements in practice efficiency and diagnostic turnaround times through sending digital images via the internet – rather than glass slides sent by post or courier.
  • Response time of 1 hour from receipt of images – with pathologist-selected images of the cells available in reports.
  • Instant identification of poor-quality samples and an in-app pathologist chat feature for discussion of scan quality – enabling repeat sampling without additional delay.
  • Real time access to leading global pathologists – or a specific/preferred pathologist – even for the most geographically remote veterinary practices.
  • Facilitating training, CPD, research and publication on cytology to drive improvement and support veterinary and pathology sector innovation.
  • A 24/7 service to optimise emergency overnight care with VPG Pathologists working 8am to 8pm and VPG endorsed Pathologists working 8pm to 8am (providing full visibility of their reports and images to the VPG pathologists the following morning).
  • Easier to obtain further clinical opinion if required through deployment of existing digital images.

ScopioVet also supports practices with quality assurance through direct dialogue between Pathologists and scanner technicians and VPG offers full educational support in staining and scan quality as well as on-line support and training for practice personnel.

We have had a scanner installed and are already benefitting from the exceptional new functionality and diagnostic accuracy ScopioVet offers.  This technology has been eagerly awaited by vets to improve practice efficiency and test turnaround times.

Worried pet owners can now get reassurance or treatment for their animals much faster and this reduces the need for hospital stays which can be unsettling for owners and pets alike.  We are excited to be one of the first veterinary specialist hospitals in the country to be able to offer a one-hour cytology diagnostic; improving customer service and streamlining the way we work through new technology.

Dr David Walker, Head of Medicine at Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists near Winchester

We designed ScopioVet from the ground up to meet the unique needs and challenges of the veterinary workflow. We are especially thrilled to team up exclusively in the UK and Ireland with VPG – a clear leader in the field, with unmatched diagnostic expertise and strong customer relationships.   This new partnership combines their reputation for quality with our innovation of the best Digital Microscopy technology in the world.  It will revolutionise veterinary diagnostics at the point of care.

Asher Fink, Head of the Veterinary Business at Scopio Labs

For more information on the implementation of ScopioVet, see the webinar hosted by VPG Laboratory Director and Veterinary Clinical Pathologist, Fiona Gosling.

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