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VPG Histology – An Important Update

The VPG Histology pricelist has been altered this year and will be implemented for client groups as their new lists go live. We will start grossing complex samples in this manner from 15th February for all clients. While this may cause confusion it will result in a category drop in the majority of cases.  A brief summary of the recent changes and additions to our services are detailed below. If you have any queries please do call us on 01179511283. A pathologist or team member will be able to help.

Complex sample categories:

The large majority of complex samples will now fall in to the HBEET category.

These complex charges are now explicitly inclusive of 3 sites (HIS1-3), of which one is complex. This is no longer an ‘additional’ charge.

The ‘large and complex’ charge HLAMAT will only be charged at the pathologists discretion for samples such as entire fresh limbs or complex tumour resections such as thorax. The >10cm characteristic is no longer used to define any sample.

  • Digit, tail, external ear canal, eye, enterectomies, lung lobe, liver lobe
  • Whole organs/ major portions of organs (spleen, kidney, brain, female reproductive tract);

Please note: organs sent from PM’s are charged per ‘site’ (i.e. up to 3 organ biopsies are charged as H1, additional organ biopsies incur additional cost as per above)

  • Maxillectomies, mandibulectomies
  • Portions of limbs
  • Brachial plexus
  • Mammary strip (individual mammary tumours are excluded)
  • Complex scar revisions (eg bone involvement). Most routine scar revisions will fall under a standard HIS1-3 price category.

Individual skin tumours are no longer considered ‘complex’ even if large.

This is now an opt in/ additional code for shaved margin examination of skin tumours.

  • Shaved/ en-face margins of skin tumours will be taken when requested or for those centres that require this assessment as a routine (please let us know!)
  • It is a one off charge per case, even if multiple masses submitted.

Skin tumours are not HBEET unless mammary strips/ complex scar revision.


This is an opt in additional charge per lymph node.

  • The entire lymph node will be sectioned at 2mm intervals and all tissue embedded so the largest possible surface area is examined.
  • Pathologists will examine multiple step sections as appropriate following additional testing (if required).
  • This is similar to the Royal College of Pathologists lymph node tissue pathway for neck carcinoma.

These samples (previously ‘next day’ urgents) will be reported within 24hours of receipt in Bristol.

For urgent 24hr turnaround. Samples must arrive at VPG|Histology before 3pm. Code URGE

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