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SYNLAB announces the acquisition of Veterinary Pathology Group (VPG)

1 November 2017 – SYNLAB, the leading provider of medical diagnostic services in Europe, has today announced the acquisition of Veterinary Pathology Group (VPG).  The group comprises four laboratories in the UK called TDDS, PTDS, CTDS and Bridge Pathology as well as the laboratory VLSI in the Republic of Ireland.

This acquisition extends SYNLAB’s repertoire of testing services in the UK and complements the range of specialist testing across our wider European laboratory business.  VPG adds to our expertise in veterinary diagnostics across Europe, which is currently located in Germany, Italy, Belgium and other European countries.  In addition, the acquisition allows SYNLAB to extend its business to the Republic of Ireland.

The reason for acquiring VPG is due to its outstanding reputation in providing high quality diagnostics for veterinary surgeons and to the strong expertise of its management team.  VPG, led by co-founders Dr. Andrew Torrance and Mark Diamond, is a network of expert veterinary pathologists with many years of experience in working closely with veterinary practices to deliver extensive diagnostic interpretation and support.

About Veterinary Pathology Group

The Veterinary Pathology Group holds a very strong position with the top referral centres in the UK and Ireland while at the same time offering a widely accessible service to match the breadth of the challenges facing practising Veterinary Surgeons.  VPG covers large areas of the UK and Ireland with an efficient logistics services offering fast turnaround results on a daily basis.

VPG offers all aspects of clinical pathology diagnosis and includes comprehensive offerings in PCR, immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry and toxicology.  VPG also has a strong reputation for its expertise in cytology, haematology and histopathology.

VPG lives by its’ diagnostic expertise, the quality of its’ pathologists and the team that generates the results and deals with practitioner’s enquiries.  This depth of expertise and excellence in customer service has ensured that VPG has built an enviable reputation in the UK and Irish market.

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