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SYNLAB and Scopio Bring 24/7 Veterinary Digital Cytology to the UK

13th May 2020

SYNLAB UK & Ireland’s Veterinary Pathology Group (VPG) and Scopio Labs, an advanced digital microscopy company, today announced that they have signed an exclusive distribution partnership agreement.

VPG will now offer customers in the UK and Ireland the ScopioVet Digital Cytology System, providing 24/7 access to its clinical pathologists for results within 1 hour.

Establishing exclusive distribution partnership in the UK and Ireland

The collaboration with VPG signifies Scopio’s continued global expansion, bringing its veterinary platform to the United Kingdom and Ireland for the first time. VPG has secured an exclusive arrangement with Scopio for the use of this technology in the UK and Ireland.

With clinical validation already complete, the first scanners are already being installed in top referral practices and are now also available to the full spectrum of veterinary practices across the UK and Ireland.

ScopioVet Digital Cytology System

ScopioVet is a powerful and intuitive Digital Cytology platform that enables veterinary hospitals to scan and send high resolution digital cytology and hematology images from the point of care to a global network of clinical pathologists who provide round-the-clock analysis.

ScopioVet is powered by Scopio Labs’ proprietary platform that uses computational photography techniques to automate the imaging of microscopy samples into uniquely high-resolution digital scans. The platform includes unique features designed to bring maximum efficiency to the busy veterinary hospital, such as a three-slide tray, rapid image scanning and simultaneous file streaming, and an in-app pathologist chat feature.

The introduction of this ground-breaking technology signals a paradigm shift for veterinary diagnostics in the UK.  VPG is delighted to welcome Scopio as a strategic partner.  We are now the first veterinary laboratories in the country to offer digital cytology and results within 1-hour, something unheard of until now.

Our customers have come to expect the best in diagnostic expertise from VPG. We have been evaluating digital cytology platforms for some time and are proud to be the first to offer this cutting-edge technology in the UK; enhancing the expertise and diagnostic performance we can offer to benefit our existing and future customers.

Andrew Torrance, Managing Director at VPG

We designed our Digital Cytology solution from the ground up for the unique needs of the veterinary workflow. A key aspect of the system is that our platform allows vet hospitals to connect with the pathologists they already love to work with, including third party partners. We are especially thrilled to team up with VPG – a clear leader in the field, on an exclusive basis.

This partnership combines VPG’s unmatched diagnostic expertise and strong customer relationships with the best Digital Microscopy technology in the world to take an important step forward; revolutionising veterinary diagnostics at the point of care.

Asher Fink, Head of the Veterinary Business at Scopio Labs

For more information please contact the SYNLAB UK & Ireland Press Office +44 (0)7706 624737 or contact us.

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