Veterinary Diagnostics:


At VPG, we constantly strive for diagnostic excellence and one way we deliver this is through our team of expert clinical pathologists.

Following a successful project in 2016 by one of our pathologists, we now offer additional immunocytochemistry staining on the slides submitted for cytological interpretation. We are one of only a few commercial veterinary laboratories in the world able to offer this service on previously stained slides.

We provide veterinary professionals in practice with high quality diagnostic services including:

  • Improvement in diagnostic accuracy made possible with immunohistochemistry which can now be applied to cytology slides.
  • Slides submitted for cytology can be interpreted by a cytologist under routine cytology stains and the same slides can be used for immunostaining without any requirement for further sampling.
  • Further maximising diagnostic accuracy with minimal invasion of the patient.
  • Optimised immunostains for differentiating B- and T-cell lymphomas.
  • Other markers: Cytokeratin, Vimentin, Melan A, Lysozyme and MHC II to help differentiate epithelial, mesenchymal, histiocytic and melanocytic tumours.

Learn more about our immunocytochemistry services. Contact our team at VPG Exeter on 01392 247914 or [email protected].

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