Veterinary Diagnostics:


Our histopathology laboratory, formerly known as Bridge Pathology, forms part of the Veterinary Pathology Group as a highly dynamic laboratory providing histopathology and immunohistochemisty services to the veterinary community. We offer a full range of services ranging from cases received from our colleagues in general practice, to cases from almost all referral practices in the UK and Ireland.

We have a full range of histopathology services:

  • Our team of professional clinical pathologists are able to provide an average turnaround of 24-48 hours for our histopathology services and this includes a full ECVP/ACVP style pathological description and clinically targeted comment provided for every case.
  • We are able to derive the greatest amount of clinically important information from the biopsy samples that are submitted to us by providing full light microscopic characterisation of tissues.
  • For all tumour submissions, we provide full evaluation of surgical margins and we were subsumed in developing the ACVP recommendations for biopsy evaluation that are considered ‘gold standard’ pathology practice.
  • We routinely grade soft tissue sarcomas, mast cell tumours, pulmonary tumours, urinary bladder tumours, mammary carcinomas, intestinal adenomas, endoscopic biopsies, multilobular osteochondrosarcomas and lymphomas.

Learn more about our histopathology services. Contact our team at VPG Histology on 0117 951 1283 or [email protected].

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