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Welcome to the Veterinary Pathology Group

What started as TDDS at the Innovation Centre in the University of Exeter, then followed with a further six laboratories as joint ventures with like-minded professionals across the UK & Ireland. Today these ventures are now collectively known as the Veterinary Pathology Group (VPG) and part of the SYNLAB Group.

Spread over 6 sites across the UK & Ireland, we have the resources and capacity to provide a nationwide service, resilience and expertise. This enables us to deliver:

  • A comprehensive range of tests and diagnostic advice for domestic pets, horses, reptiles and birds as well as exotic species.
  • A service covering all aspects of clinical pathology and microbiology, including comprehensive offerings in serology, immunology, PCR testing and toxicology.
  • Expertise in cytology and histopathology, as well as immunocytochemistry and histochemistry.
  • Accessible courier based diagnostics and rapid turnaround times.
  • Dedicated pathology line for vets to discuss results.

Today we partner with over 2,000 veterinary professionals to provide a quality benchmark for clinical pathology, delivering expert and innovate services.

Part of the SYNLAB Group

As part of the SYNLAB Group, we enjoy the advantages of being part of the leading medical diagnostic services provider in Europe. Being part of the SYNLAB Group also means we are not annexed to the corporate owners of veterinary practices, so we act independently across the veterinary profession in the UK and Europe which enables us to enhance the diagnostic services we deliver.

Together with SYNLAB Group, our focus is customer centric medical excellence. Our vision, to provide actionable diagnostics information for healthier animals.

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At the Veterinary Pathology Group (VPG) we’re committed to making animal testing and diagnosis accessible to all and as easy as possible. As a result,…

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New Immunotherapy vaccine ordering instructions

VPG|EXETER IMMUNOTHERAPY VACCINE ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS Following discussions with the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) we have instituted new arrangements for the provision of immunotherapy. In the…

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Important information about cortisol testing

27th Oct 2020 The manufacturer of the cortisol assay for the Immulite2000 analyser has made a change to the assay. This was done with very…

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Important information about Royal Mail Services

The VPG has a privately-owned courier network which covers the UK and Ireland extensively to ensure that all types of samples from our veterinary clients…

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VPG makes in-practice, high-resolution cytology a reality for Vets across the UK and Ireland

June 2020 SYNLAB’s Veterinary Pathology Group (VPG) is the first and only network of veterinary laboratories in the UK to offer ScopioVet – an innovative…

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Webinar: The Benefits of Rapid In-house Cytology

Are you a veterinary professional interested in the benefits of in-house rapid cytology? Watch the recording of our June 2020 webinar, where Laboratory Director and…

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