SYNLAB offers a comprehensive range of tests as well as diagnostic advice for domestic pets, horses, reptiles and birds as well as farm animals and exotic species.  Our clients are typically veterinary surgeons, though we also offer services to universities, pharmaceutical laboratories, the food industry and other animal health professionals.

SYNLAB has veterinary laboratories in Germany, Italy, Belgium and other European countries.  The recent acquisition of Veterinary Pathology Group (VPG) extends SYNLAB’s veterinary business to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

VPG comprises four laboratories in the UK, TDDS, PTDS, CTDS and Bridge Pathology, as well as the VLSI laboratory in the Republic of Ireland.  VPG offers all aspects of clinical pathology and microbiology, and includes comprehensive offerings in serology, immunology, PCR testing, and toxicology.  VPG also has a strong reputation for its expertise in cytology and histopathology as well as immunocytochemistry and histochemistry.

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